Who We Are

The Santa Catalina Island Fund for Higher Education, also known as SCIF, is a privately funded initiative that provides a path to higher education for students from Santa Catalina Island. Up until the establishment of SCIF five years ago, relatively few island students attempted college on the mainland, and even fewer were successful. For years, the college graduation rate among Avalon students rarely exceeded 10%, providing little hope of upward mobility for Catalina’s young people. After five years of concerted effort, more than 70 Avalon students are now enrolled in college with a graduation rate approaching 90%. The program provides tutoring, rigorous SAT prep, mentorship, financial counseling, and above all, strives to give each student that participates every opportunity for success. As an extension of the program, the Santa Catalina Scholarship Fund will provide financial support to those students who successfully complete the program and will be enrolling at either a community college or 4-year university.