SCIF Student Overview

Being a SCIF student is stressful! The summer before their senior year our SCIF students attend 4-6 hours per week of SAT, college search, and college prep classes. SAT work is tough, especially at 8 in the morning. Yet these kids show up! They each do at least 50 hours of SAT in-class work during the summer. They cram into our little office and do math, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and essay writing. The 5 pm classes are the worst with the hot sun beating down on the room as they work, while their peers were often cooling off at the beach. But these kids keep at it for a whole summer. They write essays, fill out college applications, they research college costs and outcomes, and they work on mainland life skills. These are dedicated kids! Most also work full time during summer. We are always amazed at how hard our kids work!

It doesn’t end in the summer! Once school starts SCIF students average 5-10 hours a week of college work. They take 3 full mock SATs after full days at school. Each test takes 4-5 hours to administer and then we stay to score and review them. The good news is that over 90% of our students increase their SAT scores. Improved scores improves our kids chances of getting into better colleges with better outcomes. It also means more institutional aid, making attending college more affordable.

After SATS it’s college essays and scholarship essays. Our kids get a lot of practice writing! And of course its applications, applications, applications. Our kids fill out close to a dozen applications each followed by 3 out of state college visits – even by those students who want to attend college in-state. Learning to travel builds competence, and competence builds confidence. It also opens up windows to worlds they haven’t seen and doors to opportunities they have never imagined. A successful student has successful experiences backing them up. SCIF wants to provide some of those experiences.

After that there are more scholarship forms to fill out and the dreaded government FAFSA forms to submit. It is never ending! Or at least it feels that way. On top of that they must participate in community service, SCIF service, sports teams or the arts programs, and the girls must join the Womens’ Forum.

When all is said and done SCIF students average 70-110 hours of SCIF college work. Our AVID students log in many more hours on top of that. And sometimes we have students who have done SCIF since their junior year. One young man, logged in the most SCIF hours ever: 179 to be exact! This is a kid who wants to go to college!

Both during and after college we continue to support our kids. We help with things like financial aid, roommate troubles, and emotional issues. By their junior year we assist them with their search for internships and positioning themselves for future careers. In their senior year we help put our students in touch with potential employers or help with graduate school research and applications. We work hard to make sure our SCIF students have the support they need to graduate college and obtain professional employment.